About us

EMD GROUP (EMDG)  is European based group of OEM / ODM manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods for industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. EMDG companies manufacture and distribute private brand products for various local and multinational brands, retailers, distributors and industrial customers.
EMDG companies always try new manufacturing processes to take manufacturing to the next level. All EMDG facilities are managed by experienced professionals, use state of the art machinery and are the most cost effective in the industry.

EMDG companies manufacture products in the following categories:

  • Paint Applicators
    paint brushes, paint rollers, roller frames, paint sets & kits, paint mixers, etc.
  • Wall Preparation Tools
    plastic & metal scrapers, wall patching tools, joint knives, etc.
  • Construction Tools
    brick laying trowels, plastic & metal plastering trowels, mud & concrete hand mixers, etc.
  • Dispensing Guns
    caulking (silicone) guns, PU foam guns, etc.
  • Masking Tapes
    Tapes for use in automotive, construction and painting industries.
  • Accessories for Paint & Construction Trade


OEM / ODM Manufacturing

With more than 20 years of experience, EMDG companies are the smart choice when choosing an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) partner. Commitment to innovating procedures and implementing cost-saving solutions throughout the manufacturing process allows EMDG companies to maximise product performance and minimise customers budget requirements.

Product Design & Development

EMDG companies have decades of combined experience when it comes to product design and development. Over the years, EMDG companies have designed and built a wide range of innovative and competitive products that span a number of industries. When you’re looking to engage with a company for a new product design, EMDG companies deliver the perfect balance of cost efficiency and innovation.

Packaging & Product Customisation

EMDG companies can provide a solution for almost any product customisation and packaging requirement. Team of industry experienced designers can redesign products and design packaging according to customers requirements and growing appetite for product variety for consumer, professional or industrial markets (including sample packs, multi packs and club packs, POP store displays, store-ready pallets, etc.).

Warehousing & Distribution

EMDG companies strive to reduce customers inventory by improving the entire supply chain. Coordination with parcel carriers, international forwarders, container shipping companies and various trucking lines makes us confident that customers will be satisfied when they receive your product on time. EMDG companies are dedicated to having products reach customers in the most efficient way possible.




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